U.S. Visa Rejections

Though instructions are posted on the net regarding how to do it, the application for K1 visa is actually not as simple as it seems. Here are some important points an applicant needs know to avoid common causes of K1 visa denials in Bangkok.


The common dilemma in eligibility faced by couples is the meeting requirement. The typical cause is lacking of funds to travel to the country of the fiancée. Whereas others just do not have spare time go there. Fortunately, the U.S. Immigration law provided two exemptions to this requirement. First, when a strict and long- established customs of either couple prevents them from personally meeting each other, and secondly, that such requirement would be too burdensome on the part of the petitioner. If they do not fall under these two, the only thing left to do is visit the fiancée in Thailand.


There are voluminous documents involved in applying for K1 visa and there are two sets required. The first set is comprised of papers to be submitted by the U.S. citizen fiancé to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the National Visa Center (NVC), while the second set includes supporting documents required by the U.S. embassy in Bangkok.

These documents play a vital role in the determination of eligibility of the applicant yet a few fails to handle them correctly. The immigration officers ordinarily complain about insufficiency and disorderly manner of presenting the documents. These technical hitches result to delays in the processing or even denial of the petition.


Interview may be the last segment of the application process but most applicants are being denied the visa because of the interview. Hence, applicants ought to be extra careful on this part.

The common mistake committed in this stage is inadequate answers in the questions given by consular officers. Applicants usually feel very nervous and uneasy during the interview making themselves utter erroneous responses. To make them feel comfortable, the fiancée may try to rehearse at least a day before the interview. They may try to formulate possible questions and answer them accordingly.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong in the K1 application but they could be avoided with proper guidance and support. Though legal assistance may be a little bit expensive, seeking help from lawyers is a sensible way of preventing oneself from going back to square one.


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