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United States Social Security
Permanent Residency

U.S. Social Security Card

The Social Security Card is being issued by the United States Social Security Administration. The cards basically indicate the name of the individual and the

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Registering Thai Born Abroad
US Immigration

Registering a Thai born abroad

Thai citizenship entitles one to great advantages. He may be given all the privileges the Thai government grants to all its citizens. The best part

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U.S. Visa Rejections
Visa Issues

U.S. Visa Rejections

Though instructions are posted on the net regarding how to do it, the application for K1 visa is actually not as simple as it seems.

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U.S. K Visas
US K Visas

US Spouse Visa Options

What are the visa options for a spouse of a U.S. citizen to come to the United States? Depending on the length of their marriage,

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