Registering a Thai born abroad

Thai citizenship entitles one to great advantages. He may be given all the privileges the Thai government grants to all its citizens. The best part is he may be allowed to settle in the Kingdom of Thailand if he wishes to.

Most Thai parents prefer to have their child acquire Thai citizenship. This dilemma is commonly experienced by Thais who are married to foreign nationals.

Citizenship Rules

The citizenship rules may be sum up as follows:

  1. A child born to either or both Thai parents is eligible for Thai citizenship.
  2. A child who has a Thai mother born outside Thailand will have to notify the Thai consulate or embassy of the child’s birth. She has to ask for the issuance of birth certificate as proof of the child’s Thai nationality.
  3. A child with a Thai father (who did not sign a marriage certificate) is qualified for Thai citizenship if:
    1. The parents subsequently get married.
    2. The Thai father applied for Legitimate Child Registration.
    3. There is a court order as to the legitimacy status of the child.

Consular Reports of Birth Abroad

The application is somewhat similar to the US Consular Report of Birth Abroad. The issuing authority is the Thai consulate or embassy which has jurisdiction over the place of birth of the child. This report is very important in establishing one’s citizenship, especially in gaining a Thai passport, and must be done as soon as possible.


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