US Visa Options

Though it is more routine for US citizen men to fall in love with Thai women, there is also quite a number of instances wherein US citizen women fall for Thai men. In those cases, some couples decide to make their primary home in the United States.

There several visa which can be used wherein Thai men can be allowed to enter the US. Here are the most common visas used.

B1 or US Tourist Visa

The B1 or US tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa intended for persons who want to travel to US for tourism purposes. Some prefer to apply for this type due to its shorter processing time. Nevertheless, fiancé’s and husbands are greatly advised not to use this. Even if the visa is approved, they will find difficulty in adjusting their status to legal permanent residence because of possible immigration fraud issues.

K1 or Fiancé Visa

K1 Visa also called the US fiancé visa is a single entry visa ideal for me who are intending to marry their US fiancée and thereafter apply for legal permanent residence. The K1 visa holder will be authorized to travel to US and formally request for admission. Once admitted, the K1 visa holder has ninety days to marry their U.S. citizen fiancée and subsequently file for adjustment of status to a U.S. Permanent Resident.

K3 Visa

The K3 visa is a marriage visa available for spouse of US citizens. This is actually a multiple entries nonimmigrant visa valid for two years. Like the K1 visa, the K3 holder is allowed to stay in the US and travel abroad while the adjustment of status application is pending.


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