US Citizenship

US Citizenship is may be acquired in two ways by birthright citizenship and through naturalization. The first way only requires one to be born in the United States to be automatically classified as a US citizen.

Meanwhile, the latter involves undergoing a process authorized by the US Immigration.

Why become a US Citizen?

There are many rights and privileges exclusively reserved for US citizens that entice many to aspire to become one. The following are some:

  1. Freedom to live and work in the United States permanently
  2. May avail of the services provided by the federal government
  3. Voting rights and right to be voted
  4. Greater ability to sponsor relatives who want to migrate in the US
  5. Government support while abroad


If he wants to be naturalized, he needs to file an N-400 Application for Naturalization.

Here are some of the preconditions for before one may request for naturalization.

  1. Permanent resident (green card holder) for at least five years. Please take note that special rules may apply on the residency requirement for individuals who served the US military and to their respective immediate relatives.
  2. In case of spouse of US citizens, they only have to be permanent residents for 3 years as long as the spouse is still married to the US citizen who petitioned for them.
  3. He must be person of good moral character.
  4. He should be able to communicate in English.
  5. He has basic knowledge of US history and government.
  6. He is willing to support and obey the constitution.


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