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Though it is more routine for US citizen men to fall in love with Thai women, there is also quite a number of instances wherein US citizen women fall for Thai men. In those cases, some couples decide to make their primary home in the United States. There several visa which can be used wherein […]

A K1 fiancé visa entitles the holder to travel to the United States and thereafter marry the US citizen fiancé within the 90 day prescribed period. How to prepare for the Fiancé arrival in the United States? First of all, she needs to accomplish all unfinished business abroad. The K1 visa is only a single […]

The phrase “Notice of Action 1” or NOA 1 in the vocabulary of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) refers to a document issued by the USCIS after receiving certain applications. Technically, it is identified as Form I-797 and is commonly confused with the letter initially sent by the US Embassy or Consulate […]

The purpose of financial requirements for certain visa is mainly to prevent the entry of people who may become illegally employed to support their trip or those who may in the future be public charge to the state. An example of this would be visitors are required to have adequate funds to support themselves for […]

Thai Fiancée has the privilege to bring with her to the United States her children to the United States through the US K2 Visa. What is K2 visa? K2 visa is a derivative visa of K1 visa or the US Fiancé visa. Hence, the K2 visa may only be issued if the K1 visa which […]

The K1 visa or the US fiancé visa has very qualities that make US citizens choose to use this in bringing their fiancé to the United States. Note that this visa is only for your fiancee.If you need a US Visa for your wife then look at a K3 Visa or a CR1 Visa.   […]