Common Questions for Applying U.S. K-1 Visa

Do I file the K-1 visa by myself or use a K-1 visa lawyer in Thailand?

The benefits of using an expert is that, they know the specific details of the process which can save your valuable time and money. Dealing with immigration law can be as complex as dealing with tax laws.

Some people are pretty sharp in organizing their own paperworks, while there are some who don’t have the gift of doing it. What would be the assurance that your Thai fiancee would be able to prepare all the necessary paperwork on her own? Acquiring the help of an expert who can speak in Thai and English would be a great help in organizing all the paperworks of your Thai fiancee and to walk her through the process.

What about the visa interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok? How will a visa attorney in the US assist a Thai girl in faraway country in Asia?

This is probably the most important step in the process of the K-1 Visa as the consular officer in Bangkok who is conducting the visa interview has the final decision to approve or deny the visa for her to go to the US. Using the US visa attorney based in Thailand makes the most practical sense as the Bangkok law firm is in the best position to assist both of you in order to achieve a successful K1 Visa approval.

What are the costs involved for a K-1 visa for my Thai Fiancée?

  • K1 Visa Attorney: Use a law firm which offers a payment plan. If for some reason, you stop your application or don’t like the service, you can limit the risk of your money spent on the process.
  • USCIS fee: This $455 fee will be paid when your petition is submitted to the USCIS.
  • Medical Exam: This fee averages between $120 to $200 depending on the age of your Thai Fiancée and her need for vaccinations. It could cost higher if she needs more vaccinations.
  • Certificates from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs: $12 per document
  • US Embassy visa fee: $350 for application of the US K1 visa in Bangkok

What is the timeline when my Thai Fiancée will receive her K-1 Visa in Bangkok?

  • USCIS takes 2-3 months process

    After filing the K1 petition with the USCIS, it normally takes 2-3 months for the USCIS to process the petition and issue the result.

  • NVC takes 1 month process

    The National Visa Center (NVC) is notified by the USCIS in regards to the approved petition. The NVC in turn instructs the US embassy in the applicant’s country of residence about the approved petition.

  • US Embassy in Bangkok takes 2 months process

    The US Embassy in Bangkok contacts the beneficiary or the K-1 Visa applicant and sends her a packet with instructions regarding visa application documents to be submitted, interview schedule and submission guidelines. Anticipate a minimum waiting period of 2-3 weeks when procuring the police record and medical certificate for your Thai Fiancée.

The Total timeline would be 5 to 6 months.


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