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Though it is more routine for US citizen men to fall in love with Thai women, there is also quite a number of instances wherein US citizen women fall for Thai men. In those cases, some couples decide to make their primary home in the United States. There several visa which can be used wherein […]

A passport is a document issued by the authorized government agency that serves as proof of identification and permit to travel to and from that country. In Thailand, the Passport Division, Department of Consular Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs processes and issues Thai passports. These passports may either be dark red, blue, green […]

Thai nationals married to U.S. Citizens who are applies for K3 visas may bring their unmarried children under 21 years with them in the United States through a K4 visa. Being a derivative visa, if the application of the parent for a K3 visa was denied, the ancillary application for a K4 visa is automatically […]

The purpose of financial requirements for certain visa is mainly to prevent the entry of people who may become illegally employed to support their trip or those who may in the future be public charge to the state. An example of this would be visitors are required to have adequate funds to support themselves for […]

The processing time for IR-1 and CR-1 visa may be almost double the period for K3 visa. The reason is the fact that IR-1 and CR-1 visa undergoes immigration processing before it is issued. The alien spouse will enter the United States as a U.S. Permanent Resident. The K3 visa has shorter processing time but […]

At the beginning of a new decade, it is good to revisit the current K3 application procedure for any innovation or revision. The US Immigration law, though continually updating itself to suit 20th century, did not make any change relevant to rules and regulations relating to K3 application process at the start of the year. […]