US Visa Notice of Action 2

The NOA 2 is letter indicating that the USCIS approves the original I-129F petition. It informs the petitioner that all the supporting documents as well as the petition are forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC for short). The NVC will thereafter send the papers to the respective US embassy in the designated in the country of nationality of the beneficiary of the petitions.

When is the  Notice of Action 2?

The filing of a good and quality petition brings birth to a NOA 2. Upon receipt by the appropriate USCIS Center of the petition and the relevant documents, it mails to the petitioner a Notice of Action 1 or NOA 1. This notice signifies that the documents submitted are already received by the center and is being reviewed. Later on he or she may receive a Request for Evidence or RFE if the initial documents filed are lacking.

There may also be instances that a Notice of Denial will be received when the defect in the petitioner’s circumstances is incurable and substantial. If fortunate enough, the applicant will receive a Notice of Action 2.

Taking into consideration the above procedure, it is clear that the NOA 2 entails good news. It is but an approval of the USCIS application and a key to the next phase of the petition.


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