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What are the visa options for a spouse of a U.S. citizen to come to the United States? Depending on the length of their marriage, there are three several options for the married couple. K3 Visa A K3 visa is under a non-immigrant visa issued to a spouse permitting her to enter the United States. […]

The processing time for IR-1 and CR-1 visa may be almost double the period for K3 visa. The reason is the fact that IR-1 and CR-1 visa undergoes immigration processing before it is issued. The alien spouse will enter the United States as a U.S. Permanent Resident. The K3 visa has shorter processing time but […]

The IR1 visa is an unconditional permanent resident visa. The IR1 visa is issued to foreign spouses who have been married to a U.S. citizen for more than two years. When the IR1 spouse enters the United States, she will receive an unconditional permanent residency status with a 10 year permanent resident card. The permanent […]