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SL International is an immigration law firm that provides sound legal advice in processing US visa applications with offices in United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and in major cities in Thailand.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency of the United States government of which its primary function is to oversee the lawful immigration of foreign individuals to the country. The function of the USCIS in visa applications explains why even if it is the embassy that releases the K-1 Visa, in […]

Do I file the K-1 visa by myself or use a K-1 visa lawyer in Thailand? The benefits of using an expert is that, they know the specific details of the process which can save your valuable time and money. Dealing with immigration law can be as complex as dealing with tax laws. Some people […]

“US Citizen” is a much desirable title around the world. Most of the people go through great lengths to get and stay there. Citizenship is the legitimate status of membership in the United States. The activities associated with citizenship typically include duties and privileges. The process is not difficult, but it does take time and […]

Another purpose of Thai nationals in traveling to the United States is to attend business conferences, trade shows, or any other business related purposes. In this case, Thai business travelers are required to apply a US business visa known as “B1 visa”. B1 visa is catered to any foreign citizens including the Thai nationals for […]

On November 20, 2014, President Obama issued a series of executive orders that will address the immigration problems that have been plaguing the United States for decades. There has been a lot written on the deferred action on immigrants who are living in the United States illegally. However, an executive order was also issued to […]

On a general view, the application and eventual granting of the K1 visa is a bit confusing. There is the 6-month validity period and the 90-day period plus the K2 visa in case the fiancée already have a child whom both parties wish to bring over the US as well. However, in reality the rules […]

Advance parole is granted to certain individuals have to leave the United States for a short period. Advance Parole and Reentry Permit allows that individual to return to the United States. The largest of this group are individuals who are attempting to adjust their status from a non-immigrant visa to a U.S. Permanent Resident. Most […]

For foreign nationals who would like to invest and move their family to the United States, an E-2 Investment visa is available to nationals of countries with an investment treaty with the United States. The list of treaty countries can be located on the U.S. State Department website. An E-2 visa is a path for […]

US Citizenship is may be acquired in two ways by birthright citizenship and through naturalization. The first way only requires one to be born in the United States to be automatically classified as a US citizen. Meanwhile, the latter involves undergoing a process authorized by the US Immigration. Why become a US Citizen? There are […]

After entry to the United States, the first thing the couple ought to do is to get married at the earliest possible time. They have 90 days from entry to do so, or else, the Thai fiancée will already be subject to removal or deportation. After the marriage, the Thai fiancée be qualified to adjust […]